Steering the Church Toward God's Purposes Leadership Guide Download for Group of 25

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Does your whole leadership team work toward steering the church toward God's purposes?

You'll be more likely to bring all you do under the umbrella of your church purpose to love God and others when all leaders work toward that end.

One of these leadership guides costs $14.99 so this truly is a savings to be able to print up to 25 copies for your leaders.

Specifications: 8 1/2 x 11 PDF with 102 pages, download only

Table of Contents:

This Leadership Guide can be used to help your leadership team understand how important it is to be unified in this effort as you reflect on this content together.

Identify God’s Purpose for the Church

Indicators That Your Church Purpose is to Love God and Love People

Assess Your Pursuit of God’s Purpose for the Church

Bible as the Grid Through Which You Pursue God's Purposes

Hindrances to being More Purposeful in Your Leadership

Practical Outworking of Your Church Purpose

budgeting & church finances
change management
church discipline
church growth & health
committees, boards, ministry teams
conflict management
facilities management
job (ministry) descriptions
record-keeping and reporting
safety issues
staff evaluations
strategic planning
team building
time management
vision casting & goal setting

This leadership guide specifically looks at the topic through the eyes and responsibilities of leaders whereas parts of the Church Purpose Ministry Manual could be used with the entire church body if desired. Ordering the Church Purpose Bundle will include both of these resources and give your leaders a more comprehensive view our Church Purpose.

Copying Permissions:

  • You have permission to reproduce up to 25 copies of this guide for use with your leadership team. It may not, however, be freely distributed beyond your sphere of ministry.
  • You may not put this information in any format that you would sell.
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  • If you need more than 25 copies of this leadership guide, you will need to order a quantity that fits your needs. For example, if you need 40 copies, then changing the quantity to 2 in your shopping cart would allow you to print up to fifty.

About the Download:

This guide is only available as a PDF download.

Adobe Reader is required to open the resource.

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