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Age Level Characteristics Resource - ALL Modules Download

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Are you meeting your students where they are developmentally based on their age level characteristics, adapting what you do to fit their abilities, needs, and life issues?

Order the Age Level Characteristics Resource Download to better understand how people progress through the various age levels. Learn about their physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual characteristics at 11 different age brackets.

What's Included in this Resource:

The Age Level Characteristics Resource Download contains a total of 79 pages you are permitted to reproduce in full for your teachers or according to the age bracket they teach. -- Great for Sunday School Superintendents, Directors of Christian Education, and others responsible for training teachers of various age levels.
You will find the following for each of the eleven age brackets:

  1. An introductory article which can stand alone or accompany the worksheet -- a good way for teachers begin to get to know their students
  2. A worksheet with characteristics and some suggested implications pertaining to physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual development -- a good way to assess one's teaching in light of these implications to determine steps for improvement
  3. A one page listing of the characteristics without the suggested implications -- a good way for individual teachers to review the characteristics or for a group of teachers to discuss what they think implications would be

Specifications: 8 1/2 x 11 PDFs in Zip File, with 79 pages, download only

Age Level Modules All Included:

Click on a Module to learn more about what's included in that age grouping but be sure to return to this page to order if you want all ages. The savings can only be given when ordering from this page, not from individual modules.

Early Childhood Module:

Infant: Birth to Age 2
Toddler: Ages 2-3
Pre-Primary: Ages 4-5

Grade School Module:

Primary: Grades 1-2
Junior: Grades 3-6

Youth (Teens) Module:

Junior High: Grades 7-9
Senior High: Grades 10-12

Adults Module:

College & Career: Ages 18-24
Young Adult: Ages 25-40
Middle Age Adult: Ages 40-60
Older Age Adult: Ages 60+

Copying Permissions:

  • You have permission to reproduce as many copies of this resource as needed for yourself or for current and future teachers. It may not, however, be freely distributed beyond your sphere of ministry.
  • You may not put this information in any format that you would sell.
  • You may not copy this resource in whole or in part onto a web site or into any other digital format.

About the Download:

This resource is available as a download in a zip file with PDFs inside it.

Files must be extracted from the zip file to use them after saving the download to your computer. Many computers will allow you to do that simply by right clicking on the saved file and then choosing 'Extract All'. Be sure to always use the unzipped folder.
Adobe Reader is required to open the PDFs.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of a download, the order cannot be refunded once it is placed.

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