Spiritual Gifts Tests Resource Trainers' License

Trainers' Copying License for Everybody Has a Part Spiritual Gifts Tests Resource

  • $50.00

Are you looking for a spiritual gifts test you may use for consultation or training seminars?

If you are a ministry trainer, consultant, counselor, seminar leader, or the like, who will get paid for your services, you will need a license to use the Everybody Has a Part Spiritual Gifts Tests Resource. A license is required for such use in order to keep the cost down for churches and individuals using this resource for ministry use only. This means you may not charge a fee to administer the tests without a license. If you are getting paid to teach or provide a service in which you are using this resource, you are financially profiting from its use and therefore need a license.
PLEASE NOTE: A license is not required if you are on staff at a church using this resource for normal ministry use within that church, meaning that you are not charging people to take the test.

License Permissions:

This license permits you to make up to 500 copies. If you need more than 500 copies, you will need to come back and purchase a new license.

Process to obtain license:

  1. You must order the spiritual gifts tests resource itself at its regular price. This license does not include the resource.

It is recommended that you order the resource by itself, unless you are already familiar with it, before purchasing the license to make sure it suits your needs. No refunds will be granted for unused license copies.

  1. You must agree to the terms of the license which you can read below under 'License Wording'. Ordering the license will signify agreement.
  1. The license will be available as a PDF on the page that comes up after payment is made. Please be sure to save the PDF and not merely open it.

License Wording:

License Governing the Ministry Tools Resource Center's Everybody Has a Part Spiritual Gifts Tests Resource Use for Profit  -- up to 500 copies
This license permits the purchaser to use the PDFs in this resource for profit in the following ways:
  • You may copy and administer spiritual gifts tests from this resource, up to the number in the license you ordered, to be used in seminars, ministry training, or one-on-one consultation for which you will be paid.
  • You may distribute handouts from this resource to those you are being paid to train or counsel providing you do not charge more than the cost of printing. Handouts may not be sold for additional profit.
This license DOES NOT permit the purchaser to use the PDFs in this resource for profit in the following ways:
  • You may not sell the entire product or individual files in a stand-alone manner. This is NOT a resale license.
  • You may not include any of the resource in published material that you will sell commercially. Ministry Tools Resource Center does not herein grant permission for this material to be put in a format that will be sold or distributed for any kind of profit, no matter how small that profit might be.
  • You may not put any of the resource on a web site, whether for profit or non-profit.
In addition, this license only permits the above use of this resource for profit under the following conditions:
[1] Attribution must be maintained.
All of the PDFs contain copyright information which may not be removed. Ministry Tools Resource Center holds the rights to this material.
[2] Non-derivative use only is allowed.
Ministry Tools Resource Center expects that the material will be kept intact, as is, and the content not altered. Only print, hard copies may be made of the material. The material may not be loaded in any form onto a web site or any other digital format.
This license and its terms pertain to the person who purchased the material at the time it was purchased. Ministry Tools Resource Center maintains the right to release licenses in the future with different terms and/or cost. In purchasing a subsequent license for additional copies, you will abide by the new license terms and costs.
This license does not authorize you to use the material under the name of Ministry Tools Resource Center. This is not certification to teach or administer the spiritual gifts test but rather simply permission to use it in a setting for which you will be paid.
A breach of license would be failure to make attribution, using the material for profit in ways not permitted as described above, making derivative or altered works from it, and/or copying more than the licensed number of copies. While this kind of license requires the extension of good faith toward you, it is expected that you adhere to the terms of this license as one more accountable to God than to Ministry Tools Resource Center.