Reaching All Age Levels Download

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All ages need Bible teaching yet reaching each age level takes different approaches.

Order the Reaching All Age Levels Download for a group training session to learn how all ages need to be reached yet how the environment, motivation, and methodology varies in accordance with their developmental needs.

This resource provides you with a Bible teacher training session that includes teachers for all age levels in your church or ministry. A short PowerPoint presentation is followed by breakout sessions based on the age being taught wherein they receive additional content through handouts on how developmental needs affect the kind of environment students need, how they are motivated to learn, and best methods to use. Questions are provided for personalization.

What's Included:

You will find 6 different files in this download:

  • Read1st file with a suggestion for how to do the group session (3 pages)
  • PowerPoint (10 slides with some animation)
  • Handout to use with the PowerPoint Presentation (2 pages)
  • Handout for additional content on environment - the place preschool, grade school, teen, and adult students do and don't want to be (8 pages ... 2 pages for each age level)
  • Handout for additional content on motivation of preschool, grade school, teen, young adults, middle aged adults, and senior adults (6 pages ... 1 page for each of these age levels)
  • Handout for additional content on methodology for preschool, grade school, teen, and adult students (4 pages ... 1 page for each age level)

This training session is based on content provided in the TrainBibleTeachers Blog, pulled together here to be used as a teacher training session for your entire Bible teaching staff.

Copying Permissions:

  • You have permission to reproduce as many copies of the handouts as needed for yourself or for current and future teachers.
  • You may not distribute any part of this resource beyond your immediate sphere of ministry (i.e., your church).
  • You may not make changes to the slides and must keep the copyright information on the slides.
  • You may not put this resource in any format that would be sold.
  • You may not copy this resource in whole or in part onto a web site or into any other digital format.

About the Download:

This resource is available as a download in a zip file with PDFs and a PowerPoint file inside it.

Files must be extracted from the zip file to use them after saving the download to your computer. Many computers will allow you to do that simply by right clicking on the saved file and then choosing 'Extract All'. Be sure to always use the unzipped folder.

Adobe Reader is required to open the PDFs and PowerPoint for the slides.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of a download, the order cannot be refunded once it is placed.

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