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Are you sharing Jesus with others in ways that your outreach keeps the spotlight on Him?

As His ambassadors we work in cooperation with God by showcasing Him through our lives and through our words. We can use a variety of means but the objective should always remain the same ... to help others see Him better, not us. This manual will steer you in that direction.

Specifications: 8 1/2 x 11 PDF with 37 pages, download only


In addition to what is covered in the following topics in the Outreach Ministry training section on this site, you will some help on each topic to reflect on these truths.

Outreach Ministry Overview: Turning the Spotlight on Him
Apologetics: Defending His Cause
Communicating the Gospel Message: Verbally Proclaiming His Message
Consideration & Compassion: Showcasing His Love for People
Intercessory Prayer: Connecting with His Heart about People
Lifestyle Evangelism: Reflecting His Life before Others
The Great Commission: Joining in His Plan to Reach The World

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