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Not sure which spiritual gifts might best fit various ministries?

Find help in this Ministry Handbook to determine who to recruit for the various ministries in your church based on spiritual gifting.

This handbook begins with an explanation of the different spiritual gifts and examples of their potential use.
You'll find suggestions for which gifts typically best suit 16 different broad ministry areas. Most of the ministries in your church should fall within those areas.  And, it looks at gifting for 27 specific tasks that may be a part of almost any ministry area.
The handbook also looks at five programs you might have within your church to meet particular needs. It suggests the spiritual gifts that could fit positions within those programs.

While this handbook does not cover every possible ministry you might have in your church, it will give you a path toward tailoring it to your church to arrive at gifts needed to meet your needs.

Please Note:  This handbook assumes you have already developed a process for 1) teaching about God's design for the Body which includes everybody doing their part using their spiritual gifts, and 2) helping people identify their gifts. (Consider the MAX Pak for help with that.) Knowing the gifts of people in your church, you are then ready to recruit based on spiritual gifting. That's where the benefit of this Ministry Handbook comes in, helping you determine which spiritual gifts might best fit the various ministries.

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Specifications: 8 1/2 x 11 PDF with 87 pages plus cover, download only


Ministry Using Spiritual Gifts

About the Different Spiritual Gifts

Strategy for Determining Gifting Needed

Spiritual Gifts Needed for Broad Ministry Areas

Spiritual Gifts for Specific Ministry Tasks

Spiritual Gifts for Positions in Ministry Programs

Spiritual Gifts Used Outside the Church Walls

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