Ministry God's Way Discipleship Tool Download

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Are you doing ministry God's way ... serving for, through, and according to God?

Geared to anyone in any kind of ministry, this tool provides perspective we need to do ministry God's way, rather than get sidetracked by our own ambitions and personal agendas.

It can be used ...

  • as a personal discipleship tool.
  • with people new to ministry, perhaps in a new membership or discipleship class.
  • with a leadership team as a refresher and for how they should be encouraging people to serve.
  • for new or developing leaders training to help them gain a broad perspective.
  • with ministry teams to remind and reinforce the basic elements of serving.

The resource includes the following key elements for doing ministry God's way, along with an overview:

Ministry God's Way Overview
Ministry Alignment
Ministry Effectiveness
Ministry Empowerment
Ministry Focus
Ministry Methodology
Ministry Objectives
Ministry Perseverance
Ministry Qualities
Ministry Teamwork

You’ll find three pages for each element:

The first two pages answer some questions relevant to that element.

The third page provides a Bible study which can be done individually or in a group session.

 Specifications: 8 1/2 x 11 PDF with 32 pages including the cover and about page; download only 

Copying Permissions:

  • You have permission to reproduce as many copies of this resource as needed for yourself or for a group you're discipling. It may not, however, be freely distributed beyond your sphere of ministry.
  • You may not put this information in any format that you would sell.
  • You may not copy this resource in whole or in part onto a web site or into any other digital format.

About the Download:

This resource is only available as a PDF download.

Adobe Reader is required to open the resource.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of a download, the order cannot be refunded once it is placed.

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