Living Life with Purpose Adult Sunday School Curriculum Download

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If adults in your group seem to be stuck on the treadmill of life, not feeling as though their lives are going anywhere, help them learn to live life with purpose.

We can be busy with many activities but get to the end of the day feeling like we have little to show for what we've done. For our lives to make a real difference now and in eternity, we need to identify our greatest priorities in life and live accordingly. Use the Living Life with Purpose Curriculum to help your adult students examine different areas of their lives and learn to be more intentional in living out what Jesus identified as the greatest ... loving God which spills over into loving people as He has loved us.

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Table of Contents:

This curriculum teacher's manual, intended to be taught in an adult Sunday School class or other Bible study group, provides eight Bible lessons with masters for handouts and templates that can be used for projection.

Lesson 1: Living Life with Purpose

Objectives: to examine our current focus in life; to define what our life's purpose should be; to understand what it is going to take for us to live life with purpose; to commit to an action step that will head our lives in the right direction

Lesson 2: Purposeful Seeking

Objectives: to identify how our decisions and actions affect people's view of the value of being a Christian; to understand why we need to seek His ways purposefully; to acquire a grid for identifying His ways; to process decisions through the acquired grid

Lesson 3: Purposeful Spirituality

Objectives: to identify natural tendencies that may make a difference in how we tend to relate to God; to become more aware of the choices we need to make in order to engage in purposeful spirituality; to practice some purposeful spirituality by determining where we are in our walk with God and seeking His help to do what is necessary to go to the next step

Lesson 4: Purposeful Socialization

Objectives: to grasp the concept of sowing and reaping as it ties into relationships; to identify principles for purposeful socialization tied into the concept of sowing and reaping; to commit to a plan to become more purposeful that is tailored to where we personally struggle in this area

Lesson 5: Purposeful Stewardship

Objectives: to identify ways we may or may not be showing love to God and love to people through the use of our time and money; to learn how to guard our hearts; to commit to ways we can better guard their hearts

Lesson 6: Purposeful Serving

Objectives: to develop personal ministry profiles; to affirm and encourage one another to engage in purposeful serving

Lesson 7: Purposeful Speaking

Objectives: to define purposeful speaking and to specifically determine the kind of words reflective of it; to work through a process of self-examination regarding the way we speak that ultimately looks to the Holy Spirit for help to change

Lesson 8: Purposeful Steadfastness

Objectives: to understand that living life with purpose is a process that starts with faith and culminates in love; to accept the need to persevere in what we know is good no matter how hard it gets; to ask the questions that will help us be prepared to go through the process well

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