Let the Little Children Come Workbook Download for Group of 25

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Think of the foundation that could be laid in the lives of your church's infant and toddler children if everyone in your early childhood division served so as to let the little children come to Jesus to learn of Him and not merely babysit them.

Help nursery workers and other preschool teachers tap into the age level developmental characteristics of these little ones so they can reach them with methods like guided conversation and other approaches that fit their needs and point them to the Lord. Remember that Jesus said, "Let the Little Children Come".
You can distribute this workbook to all your early childhood workers and teachers for self-study or meet as a group to go through the study together. As a group you work through each session, reading the content and pull together your thoughts and responses. This can be a particularly good was for new teachers to learn as they gain input from veteran teachers.

One of these workbooks costs $8.99 so you can see that this truly is quite a savings.

Specifications: 8 1/2 x 11 PDF with 53 pages, download only

Table of Contents:

If doing the study together as a group, each of these sessions could be done in separate settings or combined according what your time allows.

Session 1: The Concern, Challenge & Counsel
Session 2: They learn through people.
Session 3: They need security & attention.
Session 4: They learn through their senses.
Session 5: Their memory is undependable.
Session 6: They are into self-centered discovery.
Session 7: They have short attention spans.
Session 8: Tips for Children's Workers
Input Section

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