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Getting spiritually fit involves engaging in spiritual disciplines.

Just as we engage in physical activities to strengthen our muscles, boost our energy level, and improve our overall health, so engaging in certain spiritual activities can do the same for our walk with God. We can strengthen our spiritual discernment, boost our spiritual fervor, and improve our spiritual health.

This resource will help you look at some key issues related to becoming spiritually fit, encouraging you along the way to examine your own practices.

  • Spiritual Disciplines Help Us Get Spiritually Fit (defining terms)
  • Motivation to Get Spiritually Fit through Spiritual Disciplines
  • Examples of Spiritual Disciplines that Help Us Get Spiritually Fit
  • Right Approach to Pursuing Spiritual Fitness
  • Consistency in Pursuing Spiritual Fitness

While this discipleship tool does not provide an in-depth coverage of every possible spiritual discipline, you will find some instruction about five key activities that will help you become more spiritually fit -- God's Word, prayer, fellowship, worship, and benevolence.

It also includes a two page Spiritual Fitness Plan template and some questions for further reflection.

You can use this resource as a personal discipleship tool. It can also be used to come alongside of someone, in a discipling relationship, to work through it together. Or, you can use this resource with a group, going over the content together and using the Questions for Reflection.

Specifications: 8 1/2 x 11 PDF with 33 pages including the cover and introduction page, download only 

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