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Do you want to serve the Lord with maximum effectiveness? Then find your best fit in ministry.

The pieces of our lives (spiritual gifts, personality, heart passions, life experiences, walk with God) fit together like a puzzle to form a picture of how we should serve. That makes sense when you believe God is the One who made you and gifted you for His purposes.
This book will help you look at each part individually and then combine them together to identify your best fit in ministry, what might be called your ministry profile.

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Table of Contents:

Each of the main sections of the book, listed below, is followed by a short Bible study and personal survey to help personalize the teaching to your own life.

Finding Your Best Fit in Ministry
Your Walk Motivates You for Ministry
Your Spiritual Gifts Enable You for Ministry
Your Heart Passions Give Focus to Ministry
Your Personality Expresses Itself in Ministry
Your Experiences Help Develop You for Ministry
Plugging Into Your Best Fit in Ministry
Appendix A - List of Ministry Areas & Tasks Based on Gifting
Appendix B - List of Additional Resources from Ministry Tools

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