Evangelizing the World Around Me Adult Discussion Guides Download

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Does evangelizing the world around you seem like a daunting task?

Order the Evangelizing the World Around Me Adult Discussion Guides Download for your small group or adult Sunday School class for help understanding the message we share and how to be a witness for Jesus.

This reproducible study contains a question guide for each of the ten sessions and an input section at the back of the book to assist the facilitator with possible responses. You are permitted, and encouraged, to make a copy of the question guides for each group member.

Please Note: This resource is one of the four guides in the Discussion Deal that comes with a savings.

Specifications: 8 1/2 x 11 PDF with 25 pages, download only

Table of Contents:

Sessions to help you learn to share the Good News of Jesus Christ include:

  • God's Good News: The Gospel Touches Every Need and Every Problem
  • The Exclusive Claims: Why Christians Must Claim Christ as the Only Way
  • Seeking the Lost: If God Does the Seeking, What is My Role?
  • Accepting Christ: The Cost of Commitment
  • The Impact of the Gospel: Joy in Heaven, and on Earth Too!
  • Spreading the Gospel: Having a Testimony Ready to Share
  • Evangelizing Through Prayer: What Does the Priesthood Have to Do With Evangelism?
  • Friendship Evangelism: Following Jesus' Example
  • How to Give an Answer: Responding to Their Tough Questions
  • The Role of Community in Our Witness: The Example of the Early Church

Copying Permissions:

  • You have permission to reproduce as many copies of this resource as needed for yourself or for your group. It may not, however, be freely distributed beyond your sphere of ministry.
  • You may not put this information in any format that you would sell.
  • You may not copy this resource in whole or in part onto a web site or into any other digital format.

About the Download:

This discussion guide is only available as a PDF download.

Adobe Reader is required to open the resource.

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