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Are you looking for help in teaching children how to pray?

Jesus taught His disciples to pray by using a pattern of how to pray as an example -- what has come to be called the Lord's Prayer.
Order the Children Learn to Pray Curriculum to help children not only memorize the Lord's Prayer but also to understand its meaning. As they gain a better grasp of the One to whom they pray, it should affect the way they pray.

Children Learn to Pray contains ten Bible lessons best suited for a primary to middler grade school age class, like children's church, that lasts between 30-45 minutes.
The curriculum revolves around a visual aid of praying hands in different colors to represent the various phrases so it is essential to make this visual. A pattern is provided in the download for this visual aid which uses the following colors of construction paper or card stock: yellow, white, purple, brown, beige, gray, red, green The 8 different colored hands can be fastened together by punching a hole in the base of the hands and putting them on a binding ring.
Children make a craft similar to the visual aid but smaller in size using the pattern provided in the curriculum and the eight different colors of construction paper listed above plus an orange colored one as well.

Specifications: 8 1/2 x 11 PDF with 54 pages, download only

Table of Contents:

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Lord's Prayer
Objective: to assess the importance of praying; to want to learn how to pray; to ask God to teach them how to pray
Lesson 2: Our Father Which Art In Heaven
Objective: to understand that God is a personal, caring God, not distant; to appreciate God as their heavenly Father; to tell God how they feel about Him
Lesson 3: Hallowed Be Thy Name
Objective: to define "holy/hallowed;" to develop a greater appreciation for God; to treat God with respect as they pray
Lesson 4: Thy Kingdom Come
Objective: to discover why God's kingdom and reign is so important; to respect God more because of His sovereignty; to acknowledge that God is the Lord and King over all
Lesson 5: Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven
Objective: to discern how to pray in God's will; to choose God's will; to pray for God's will
Lesson 6: Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
Objective: to define the difference between a want and a need; to appreciate what they have and God's ability to take care of their needs; to thank God for taking care of their daily needs and acknowledge all the extras He has given them
Lesson 7: Forgive Us Our Debts/Trespasses As We Forgive Our Debtors (Those Who Trespass Against Us)
Objective: to learn why they should forgive others; to appreciate how much God has forgiven them; to choose to forgive those who have wronged them
Lesson 8: Lead Us Not Into Temptation But Deliver Us From Evil
Objective: to identify various temptations; to want help to turn from temptation; to ask for God's help in their temptations
Lesson 9: For Thine Is The Kingdom, And The Power, And The Glory, Forever
Objective: to understand how characteristics of God tie into prayer; to gain a greater appreciation for God's resources, power, and glory; to praise God
Lesson 10: Amen
Objective: to remember the words and meaning of the Lord's Prayer; to desire to be real in their praying; to pray with meaning in what they say

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