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Does Body Life in your Church seem much different than what you find in the way other organizations function?


For the Church to function like the living organism it is and not like just any other organization, we need to live within God's design for the Body of Christ. We need to make it more about the Head, Jesus Christ, and people, rather than merely a place or programs.
Learn more about God's intent in this ministry manual which is based on the Body Life training section on this site, plus more.

Specifications: 8 1/2 x 11 PDF with 61 pages, download only


Why Body Life is Important

You'll find Scripture and questions for further study of each of the benefits of Body Life.

God's Design for Building the Church, the Biblical Basis

You'll find some questions for reflection about how to line up with God's design.

Biblical Example of the Early Church

This includes thoughts on what is required to practice these same characteristics along with questions and Scripture to help you reflect on it.

Relating to One Another, The One Another Commands of Scripture

This section includes opportunity to personally evaluate how you're doing at relating in accordance with the one another commands. A complete list of the one another passages is provided.

True Body Life Results in Connectedness

Practical suggestions are given for how you can better demonstrate this connectedness.

True Body Life Results in Accountability

Practical suggestions are given for how authentic, accountable relationships can be developed and maintained.

True Body Life Results in Church Growth

Practical suggestions are given for how to make sure the conditions necessary for growth are in place.

True Body Life Results in Unity

Practical suggestions are given about what is takes to demonstrate this unity.

True Body Life Results in Motivation

Practical suggestions are given for what it takes to be instruments of His love and grace who motivate one another in their walk with the Lord.

True Body Life Results in Ministry

Practical suggestions are given for how to be more intentional in helping people serve one another in love. It includes examples of needs being met when people live out the one another commands and also when they use their spiritual gifts.

True Body Life Results in Fellowship

Practical suggestions are given for helping people get below the surface. You'll also find an acrostic using the word 'fellowship.'

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