Bible Teacher's Role Download for Up to 25 Copies

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Want all your teachers to impact students' lives? Help them better understand a Bible teacher's role.

Order this training resource for all your teachers to help them get beyond simply communicating God's Word. The Bible teachers in your church or ministry have great potential for impacting people's lives beyond the mere transmission of knowledge. This resource can benefit teachers of all ages in a variety of settings to help them make a real difference. 

Specifications: 8 1/2 x 11 PDF with 71 pages counting cover, download only


Bible Teacher’s Role as a Communicator
Bible Teacher’s Role as a Conduit
Bible Teacher’s Role as a Disciplemaker
Bible Teacher’s Role as a Equipper
Bible Teacher’s Role as a Friend
Bible Teacher’s Role as a Model
Bible Teacher’s Role as a Motivator
Bible Teacher’s Role as a Servant

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