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Bible Teachers may take on many roles in times of trouble that differ from their main teaching responsibilities.

Normally a Bible teacher is more of a communicator, equipper, and discipler whose role is also that of a conduit, friend, servant, and motivator. But, in times of uncertainty, crisis, hurt, or loss, students may need more encouragement, comfort, counsel, and help than usual.

Some of a teacher's role in times of trouble can take place within the Bible lesson and one-on-one before or after class. But, caring teachers who want to be most effective will still want to reach out to their students in these ways even if not meeting in the normal classroom setting. This resource can help Bible teachers in either scenario to be present for their students in ways that make a difference.

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Table of Contents:

Role of Comforter
Role of Listener
Role of Counselor
Role of Encourager
Role of Intervener

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