Questions in the Bible Teacher's Handbook


The Bible Teacher's Handbook of Frequently Asked Questions responds to the following 153 questions covering 49 different teaching topics.

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Topics & Questions in the Bible Teacher's Handbook

About Teaching Ministry

  • What is the most important thing in a Bible teaching ministry?
  • What’s the greatest challenge in Bible teaching?
  • What spiritual gifts are best suited for a teaching ministry?
  • How much of a teaching ministry is following natural process versus supernatural?

Adult Classes

  • Isn’t children’s and youth ministry more important than adult Bible classes?
  • Adults are pretty much set in their ways so how much can we really reach them?
  • Shouldn’t we deal more with the real life experiences of adults than facts of the Bible?
  • Which method is best to use with adults?

Age Levels

  • Why is understanding age level characteristics of students we're teaching important?
  • How does spiritual growth correspond with age level development?
  • How do we teach multiple ages in one group?

Bulletin Boards

  • Since our world is so high tech these days, should bulletin boards still be used?
  • Are bulletin boards a teaching method or visual aid?
  • How can we make bulletin boards interactive?

Classroom Set-Up

  • How important is the classroom itself to the teaching-learning process?
  • How important is it to decorate the classroom to match the content being taught?
  • Is any particular classroom seating arrangement better than others?
  • What can be done if we have to share space with other classes?


  • What guidelines should be followed in choosing crafts?
  • How can we get students to follow instructions when making crafts?
  • How should we handle the perfectionist who gets upset if it isn’t just right?
  • What do we do with students who finish far in advance of others?


  • What's the purpose of creative Bible teaching?
  • Why does creativity seem so hard for some teachers?
  • What are some ways to become a more creative Bible teacher?

Crisis in Students' Lives

  • How much responsibility should a teacher have in crisis intervention?
  • What warning should we heed when helping students in crisis?
  • What if a student is really depressed, maybe even suicidal?


  • Is it really necessary to follow a set curriculum?
  • If using a curriculum that has everything written out, why spend time preparing?
  • What’s the best way to prepare lessons when using a pre-fab curriculum?


  • Why isn’t teaching a Bible lesson enough?
  • What’s the ultimate goal of discipleship?
  • What if students don’t want to be discipled?
  • What if I don’t have time to work with students one-on-one?


  • What's the best approach for disciplining?
  • How do I deal with ______ ?
  • What kind of consequences should be used for misbehavior?
  • I’ve tried everything and nothing works, so now what do I do?


  • Is discussion the best method for Bible teachers to use?
  • How structured should discussion be?
  • How can discussion be used with a large group?
  • Why did my discussion flop?


  • Isn’t drama a worldly type of method?
  • Doesn’t cost prohibit many Bible classroom teachers from using drama?
  • How does the age of students factor in to use of drama in the classroom?
  • What if I don't have a flair for the dramatic?

Early Childhood Classes

  • How important is teaching the Bible to this age when it's content is so far beyond them?
  • Is it okay to change parts of the Bible story to better suit this age?
  • How do we deal with the short attention spans of young children?
  • Will children in early childhood classes really retain what they learn?


  • Isn’t the use of games in Bible classes just a time filler?
  • Does competition really have a place in Bible classes?
  • How can we keep the game from flopping?


  • If a curriculum has goals, why should Bible teachers to be concerned about goals?
  • How do we know what goals to aim toward when developing our own lessons?
  • Is there an ultimate goal under which all else falls?

Grade School Classes

  • How do we keep the attention of grade school students in such a high tech world?
  • Do younger grade school students need to be engaged more than older ones?
  • How do we reach all students when our grade school class includes a wide age span?

Guided Conversation

  • Why should we learn guided conversation? Shouldn’t talking just come naturally?
  • How can we know when to use guided conversation?
  • How can Guided Conversation be used in a large class?


  • How might the holidays affect teaching?
  • Aren’t teaching times around holidays basically throw-away sessions?

Holy Spirit

  • How essential is it for the Spirit to work through us as teachers?
  • How do we pull on the Spirit's power in our teaching?
  • How much focus should Bible teachers put on the Holy Spirit?

Learning Centers

  • What are the benefits of using learning centers?
  • What’s most important to remember when using learning centers?
  • What if our curriculum doesn’t use learning centers?

Learning Styles

  • How can we identify the learning styles of our students?
  • Why is it important for teachers to identify their own learning style?
  • How do I learn to teach in a way that makes me step out of my own learning style?
  • Is it possible to teach for different learning styles in a digital classroom?

Lesson Application

  • How important is the application part of the lesson?
  • What if the lesson doesn’t have any obvious application for my students?
  • What do we do if the same truth applies differently to individual students?
  • What if I run out of class time before I get to the application?

Lesson Introduction

  • What should the introduction do?
  • What means can be used?
  • What about reviewing the previous lesson?
  • How long should the lesson introduction be?

Lesson Preparation

  • Why spend time preparing when we have the Holy Spirit? Isn’t the Spirit enough?
  • Why study Scripture when preparing a lesson if the curriculum does it for us?
  • If just teaching children, why would we need to invest much time into preparing lessons?
  • How do we prepare a lesson from scratch, without a curriculum guide?

Loving Students

  • What’s the best way to show students we love them?
  • What if we struggle with the hard-to-love students?

Manipulative Teaching Tools

  • Other than time fillers, why use blocks, puzzles, or manipulatives with children?
  • Aren’t blocks, puzzles, and other manipulatives primarily for preschool aged children?
  • How can we maximize time when using blocks, puzzles, or other manipulatives?


  • How do we compete for the hearts and minds of people in a media-saturated world?
  • How might our media-saturated world affect learning?
  • What tips should we follow for effective online Bible teaching?


  • What’s the benefit of rote memorization?
  • What age should we start having students memorize Scripture?
  • Is there a downside to memorization?


  • What criteria should we use in choosing Bible teaching methods?
  • If session time is short, what alternative is there other than lecture?
  • What if my students only want discussion and not other methods?


  • How do we know what will motivate our students to learn?
  • How can we motivate students if we don’t know what’s truly in their hearts?
  • What if it seems like all I'm doing is pushing and pulling people to learn?


  • What if students don’t want to sing?
  • Is it okay for Bible teachers to use music to set a mood?
  • What if I’m not musically inclined?

Object Lessons

  • Where can I get ideas for object lessons?
  • Is it possible to use object lessons with large groups?
  • Aren't object lessons mainly a method for children?
  • What are some tips for developing an object lesson?


  • Why be concerned about outreach in a class full of Christians?
  • Won’t cramming the Gospel down people’s throats do more harm than good?
  • How do I lead students to salvation in Christ?

Parent-Teacher Relationships

  • Why is building relationships with parents important?
  • What if parents aren’t fulfilling their responsibility to spiritually nurture their children?

Play Time

  • Class time is so short. Shouldn’t teaching the Bible be our top priority?
  • Doesn’t playing and having fun give children the wrong impression about church life?

Prayer Time in Class

  • What do we do if students view prayer time as dull or boring?
  • How can we get shy people to pray aloud?


  • Kids seem to love puppets so isn’t it good to always use them as the teaching method?
  • How should puppets be used in the Bible classroom?
  • Is it possible for puppets to become a distraction?
  • What kind of puppets should be used?

Question & Answer

  • Is there value in a catechismal approach to using questions in Bible learning?
  • How does question and answer methodology differ from questions for discussions?
  • When is it best to use a question and answer approach in teaching?

Relationship Building in Class

  • Why is relationship building in the classroom important?
  • How will we have enough time for the lesson if we incorporate relationship building?

Safety Issues

  • Why is it important for parents to know their children are safe in the classroom?
  • What safety issues do we need to be aware of?

Small Group Instruction

  • Why teach in small groups when you can reach more in a larger group?
  • How can a church provide both large and small group studies?


  • What can we do to make a Bible story more interesting?
  • What can we do to make a Bible story more palatable?
  • What are some tips for becoming better Bible storytellers?

Students with Special Needs

  • Should we have a separate class for students with special needs?
  • How should the classroom be designed so it’s inclusive of students with special needs?

Teacher Qualities

  • How much does a teacher’s life really matter?
  • Is there one top quality a Bible teacher should possess?
  • How can I become more of the kind of teacher who will make a difference?

Teacher Roles

  • Isn’t a teacher’s primary role to communicate God’s Word enough?
  • What’s more important, a teacher’s role or qualities?
  • What kind of role should a teacher take if students are hurting or struggling?

Teaching-Learning Process

  • Is there a set process that should be followed in teaching the Bible?
  • Are factors other than lesson structure a part of the process?
  • What's the significance of using a process?


  • What's the purpose of using visuals?
  • What are the best kinds of visuals to use in today’s world?
  • What would be the top tip for using visuals in the Bible classroom?

Youth Classes

  • What do teens most need from us?
  • How can we get them interested in studying God's Word?
  • What's most important in teaching youth, the lesson or the environment we foster?

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