Creative Bible Teaching with Results Workbook Download for Group of 25

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Imagine the impact of your church's whole teaching staff exercising God-given creativity that transforms lives!

All Bible teachers of children, youth, and adult classes can make their teaching more impacting by exercising their God-given creativity. The principles studied in this workbook show that creative teaching goes beyond innovative methods and riveting visualization. When we line up how we teach with God and His ways, it affects goal-setting, lesson structure, view of the teaching-learning process and more.
You can distribute this workbook to teachers for self-study or meet as a group to go through the study together. As a group you work through each session, reading the content and pull together your thoughts and responses.

One of these workbooks costs $9.99 so you can see that this truly is quite a savings.

Specifications: 8 1/2 x 11 PDF with 73 pages, download only

Table of Contents:

If doing the study together as a group, each of these principles could be done in separate settings or combined according what your time allows.

Overview: God's Creativity
Principle 1: A creative teacher starts with the big picture.
Principle 2: A creative teacher sets the stage for what is to come.
Principle 3: A creative teacher works at connecting people with God, not entertaining.
Principle 4: A creative teacher seeks to meet needs.
Principle 5: A creative teacher sees the need for relationship.
Principle 6: A creative teacher incorporates variety into his/her teaching without sacrificing quality.
Principle 7: A creative teacher lets students participate in the process.
Principle 8: A creative teacher is able to rest.
Resources and Creativity
Input Section

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