Worship Ministry Manual Download for Group of 25

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Do your worship ministry leaders and teams do all they can to make worshiping about God?

How easy it can be for the focus to shift from "Who" we worship to "how" we worship! Use this ministry manual with worship teams or other groups to look at biblical principles about worshiping and the implications of these truths for worship leaders and teams as well as individual worshipers.

One of these manuals costs $7.99 so you can see that this truly is quite a savings.

Specifications: 8 1/2 x 11 PDF with 38 pages, download only


This ministry manual includes the following topics from the Worship Ministry section of this site plus more to reflect on as indicated below.

Worship Ministry Overview

Also reflect on what is negotiable versus non-negotiable in various aspects of worship.

Worth-Giving Because of Who He Is

Also reflect on the big picture perspective and how creation and redemption demonstrate His worth.

Offering to Him What We Have to Give

Also reflect on the attitude with which we should give.

Responding in Praise for What God Has Done

Also reflect on praise from a sampling of verses from the Psalms.

Singling God Out as the Only True God

Also reflect on what may cause people to turn from the One True God to worship something else.

Humbling Ourselves before God

Also reflect on the potential of outward expression turning into a false humility.

Identifying with God and His Ways

Also reflect on how to reconcile the idea of setting boundaries in worship with zeal.

Presenting Ourselves to God

Also reflect on giving Him your all, your best, and your core/heart.

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About the Download:

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