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Do you want to be a Good Samaritan by helping people in your path?

God may want to use you in peoples' lives who are hurting, struggling, grieving or in need of some sort of practical assistance. Learn to stop and help those you can. This ministry manual can provide the help you need to be ready to take that first step to helping others.

Specifications: 8 1/2 x 11 PDF with 53 pages, download only


In this ministry manual, you'll find what is covered in the People Helping Ministry section of this site plus more.


Spiritual Gifts most used in people helping ministry are defined and a test for those gifts which you are permitted to copy and use

Practical Assistance - Physical Needs

A look at Jesus' example in helping people by meeting needs; Steps to providing practical assistance; Template to work through what is available to provide practical assistance to someone in need

Comforting & Helping Through Loss

Case studies to work through what you would do to help people who need comfort and help


Explanations of qualities that should be found in a good counselor; Jesus as the model counselor

Crisis Intervention

A template to help prevent and prepare people for crisis


View of listening as tracking with what the person is saying

Support Groups

The need for the facilitator to set personal boundaries; List of categories to include on a referral list


Questions for further study on God's perspective on visitation ministry

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