Wisdom for Everyday Living Adult Curriculum Download - Proverbs

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How do we learn to cope with the demands and pressures we face in everyday living? We need wisdom!

The Word of God provides guidelines and counsel so desperately needed in a day like today. Though written many years ago, the book of Proverbs deals with issues relevant to everyday life today. The Wisdom for Everyday Living Curriculum looks at issues adults must deal with such as marriage and family relationships, communication, and stewardship of time and money. The specific topics make it most appropriate for younger to middle-aged couples, though most of the topics relate to adults of any age.

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Table of Contents:

This curriculum teacher's manual, intended to be taught in an adult Sunday School class or other Bible study group, provides ten Bible lessons based on teaching from Proverbs with masters for handouts and templates that can be used for projection.

Lesson 1: The Impartation of Wisdom

Objective: to receive a brief background on the book of Proverbs; to discover the benefits of studying Proverbs in light of the book's purpose; to explore the significance of wisdom and how one may attain to it

Lesson 2: Wisdom for the Marriage Relationship

Objective: to identify some destructive forces affecting the marriage relationship and to acquire practical ways of preventing and dealing with them

Lesson 3: Wisdom in Child Rearing

Objective: to discern and to adapt child rearing practices in accordance with biblical principles

Lesson 4: Wisdom Regarding Adolescence

Objective: to gain a better understanding regarding the developmental problems of adolescence

Lesson 5: Wisdom Comes With Age

Objective: to become aware of the aging process and its implications, and to develop a proper attitude toward it

Lesson 6: Wisdom on Using Words

Objective: to examine one's use of words and to choose to use them constructively rather than destructively

Lesson 7: Wisdom on Listening

Objective: to develop listening skills in line with the teaching of Proverbs

Lesson 8: Wisdom for Dealing With Anger

Objective: to realize the harmful effects of anger and to learn how to properly deal with it

Lesson 9: Wisdom in Money Matters

Objective: to evaluate beliefs regarding money matters

Lesson 10: Wisdom Rebukes Laziness

Objective: to identify laziness in one's life and to work toward diligence

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