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Want to help facilitate the spiritual growth or discipleship of believers into Christlikeness through your church's Christian education program?

Then you need to develop strategies that best fit your church and not merely copy what others are doing.

This ministry manual helps you work through the following factors from the Christian Education training section of the site plus more. The principles will guide you in determining the way to approach Christian Education in your church.

Specifications: 8 1/2 x 11 PDF with 58 pages, download only



Philosophy of Ministry

Includes a Scripture study on the big picture; worksheet to help develop a biblical philosophy of ministry; suggestions on how to maintain an operative philosophy and a worksheet to help with it


Takes a look at spiritual gifts specifically utilized within a Christian Education ministry and provides a manual self-scoring test for those gifts; personality characteristics useful to Christian Education ministry and a basic assessment to help determine what characteristics a person has; reference to the use of ministry descriptions and a screening process; tips on functioning as a team


Includes a chart with the different levels showing the interpersonal involvement, methodology, teacher's role and ideal gifting at each level; the importance of opportunities at the different levels and the Christian Education Ministry's resultant responsibilities; an assessment worksheet

Groupings vs. Total Church Life

Gives questions to challenge how you are integrating certain groups into the whole and if you are adequately meeting individual needs


Includes an assessment to question the validity of maintaining existing programs or developing new ones


Provides an assessment to evaluate if the best model is being used within the various programs

Other Factors

Includes a worksheet to look at curriculum, facilities, budget, policies, and the master calendar from a big picture perspective

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